From the Community, For the Community

7Feathers is non-profit community service organization with the mission of serving the community through art and music.

The vision of the organizers is to create a safe community space with a family friendly vibe featuring outdoor playscapes and events tailored to inter-generational audiences. A space for Dentonites to enjoy live local music and arts, with an emphasis on diverse genres to better serve the wide range of community needs. We will host educational camps and workshops.

Our mission is to unite the community by bringing arts and music to the people.. 7Feathers will create a space for local, independent musicians and artists.. We will develop springboard programs to assist with the growth and development of local, budding artists and musicians. We are currently providing business services, promotions, recording opportunities, collaborative exhibitions, and live event experiences.

7Feathers hopes to attract national acts and exhibitions throughout the year, and host specialized showcases and multiple day camping and music festivals, with the goal of fundraising for local charitable causes and community organizations.

The great thing about music is that it attracts people from all walks of life, and 7Feathers is no exception. The 7Feathers venue will feature a variety of musical genres and showcases. Some of these exhibitions will be 18+ or 21+ events, however our hope is to provide a safe space for families with children to enjoy music, art, singing and dancing. 

In addition to providing space and occasions for local musicians and artists to grow and collaborate, we will continue to partner with local businesses and organizations to grow awareness, promote events and openings, and raise funds for charitable causes. Our hearts are with the children and the homeless of Denton County and beyond, but we are always welcome to new ideas and partnerships for service opportunities! Click here to Join The Movement.


Want to Join the Movement? Contact us and find your place in the 7Feathers Tribe! If you aren't sure what you can do, contribute, make, give, or share then join us for an event and let's talk!

Wish List Items:

Palettes & Scrap Wood

Milk Boxes

Drums & Percussion Instruments

Unusable Empty Propane Tanks

Beads & Scrap Jewelry Making Materials, Scrap Fabrics or Other Supplies

Paint - Spray Paint, Acrylics, Outdoor Paint or Any Kind in Good Condition

Stage & Lighting Equipment